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The MEDACS Series II is a totally new concept in DIN rail signal conditioning and consists of a family of DIN rail modules, each one having a high degree of functionality and configurability via a RS485 MODBUS serial communications interface. They accept all common signals and produce an isolated 4 to 20 mA re-transmission signal, a single changeover trip relay, twin normally open relays or various combinations.
The SEM210 & SEM215 are universal DIN rail mount temperature transmitters that accepts most commonly used temperature sensors, Slidewire transducer or Millivolt signals, isolates and transmits them as a 4 to 20 ma signal to a host system.
The SEM310 is an encapsulated in-head temperature transmitter that replaces the standard connecting block in the sensor head. It is small in size yet has a performance superior to other larger and more expensive transmitters. Also available in DIN rail mount format packaging SEM315.
The SEM310 and SEM315 have full HART communications protocol which allows the user to quickly and easily download information or interrogate the device enabling the following: Simple re-ranging of sensor type and range. Easy on site re-calibration. Self documentation. Operation with proprietary software packages such as AMS Plant Web™ and Cornerstone™. Remote configuration on the 4 to 20 ma loop with a hand held communicator or with a PC & HART modem. Online Digital Communication concurrent with 4 to 20 ma analog signal.

How it works: A simple push button operation ranges and calibrates the SEM203P 4 to 20 mA transmitters eliminating the need for soldering jumpers.
The SEM203P in-head transmitter incorporates the latest digital technology to ensure accurate drift free linearization. It connects to any standard RTD temperature sensor and converts the output to a linear 4 to 20 mA output signal, providing a level of performance at a cost that was not possible with earlier analogue types. High accuracy and stability with the flexibility of reduced stock and the quick and easy way of bench re-ranging makes the SEM203P the ideal choice for the majority of RTD sensing requirements.
The SEM203P is linearized to comply with all common RTD sensor standards i.e. 0.00385, 0.003916 etc. without affecting accuracy as the ZERO & SPAN is set to a particular sensor type.
The SEM203TC is the latest in a series of temperature transmitters from Status Instruments that do not require a PC, trim pots, switches or jumpers in order to calibrate. Instead, the SEM203TC uses a simple push button on the unit to both select the thermocouple type and range the transmitter. The SEM203TC incorporates the latest digital technology assuring drift free linearization, not available with analog designs. Galvanic isolation is standard.
The SEM203TC is available in three versions, each accepting a choice of three different thermocouple types. An on board LED indicates the successful completion of ranging, TC selection and provides indication of sensor health.

The SEM1000 series of loop powered analogue signal isolators comprises versions that are suitable for most applications, regardless of whether the loop power is available at the input or output side of the isolator. There is also a loop 'splitter' which produces two completely isolated outputs from a single input. Various special applications can be realized such as loop boosting and driving into 900 ohms from a barrier protected IS circuit, using the SEM1020 low cost version.
The small size of the SEM1000 series enables many more units to now be installed in the same physical space. Their high accuracy permits the addition of isolation to systems without significantly degrading the overall system performance. The zero and span adjustment potentiometers can be used to remove any system errors.
The SEM1010 provides isolation between a field mounted, two wire, 4 to 20 ma transmitter and a PLC type device with a common power supply. The two wire transmitter connected to the input  terminals of the SEM1010 does not require a power supply. The supply required to drive the transmitter is obtained from the power supply (V1) connected to the output terminals. Total isolation is maintained between the power supply on the output and the two wire transmitter.
The SEM1015 is a 4 to 20 ma isolator that can be configured to accept most of the common voltage ranges found in both commercial and industrial applications. The isolator range can be specified at time of order, but if required the user may re-range the transmitter to a new range. The isolator is housed inside a plastic enclosure, suitable for DIN Rail mounting. Screw terminals are provided for wire connections. The enclosure provides side entry access to coarse offset and span adjusters and a range select switch.
The SEM1020 is a low cost isolator that requires power supplies on both the input and output terminals. This must of course be provided by two power supplies (V1 & V2) isolated from each other to maintain true isolation. The most common use for the SEM1020 is to provide extra drive capabilities from an existing 4 to 20 ma current loop. The input circuitry only drops 2.7 V from the existing current loop and providing a 24 VDC isolated power supply is used on the output side, the isolator will drive up to 900 ohms.
The SEM1200 is an isolator that provides TWO isolated 4 to 20 ma outputs from a single 4 to 20 ma input. The input and the output loops must each have power supplies. The three power supplies (V1, V2 & V3) must of course be isolated from each other to maintain isolation.

The SEM164 series transmitters provides 4-20 mA outputs proportional to temperature and relative humidity. Sensor Measuring Range 0 to 100% RH Wettable 10 to 95% RH. They are suitable for either direct mounting in ducts or onto a flat surface, making them ideally suitable for building energy management applications. The SEM1300 is a DIN rail mounted power supply that provides a regulated 24 VDC output @ 250 ma from an AC supply ranging from 90 to 253 VAC 50/60 Hz. Ideally suited to powering 24 V process instrumentation and signal conditioning modules, the small size of the SEM1000 series enables many more units to now be installed in a smaller space than was previously possible.
The SEM1401 and SEM1402 are loop powered trip alarms designed to accept a 4 to 20 ma signal from a transmitter and to provide a single trip output (SEM1401) or two individual trip outputs (SEM1402). Utilizing the loop power means that no separate supply is required to power the trip alarms with the resulting cost reductions and simplified wiring.

The Model DM700/I Cap is a two wire current loop indicator that is powered by the 4 to 20 mADC process signal it is displaying. The face of the Cap houses a 4 digit red LED display. The back contains the screw terminal connections and three push buttons used to program and calibrate the unit by means of a simple menu. The menu allows the user to select units, input/output scaling, offset, decimal point position, and password protection. The DM700/I contains several linearizations which can be applied to the display: square root, X3/2, X5/2 or user defined 19 segment linearization curve.
The entire DM700/I is sealed in the cap that fits directly into SCH series of NEMA 4X and Explosion Proof housings. Housings have provisions for including temperature transmitters. Optional kits are available for pipe mounting, DIN rail mount or placement of the Cap into other style housings.
The Model DM640 Cap Series is a line of battery powered temperature indicators which accepts a Pt100 RTD or thermocouple input depending on the model. The face of the Cap houses a 4 digit LCD display. The back contains the screw terminal connections, battery and three push buttons used to program and calibrate the unit.
The sensor type is selected from a simple to use menu system which is navigated by the use of the three push-button keys. The menu also allows the user to select units (C or F), offset temperature, decimal point position, and password protection.
The entire assembly is sealed into a Cap that fits directly into the SCH series of NEMA 4X and Explosion Proof housings. Optional mounting kits are available for placement of the Cap into other style housings if needed.
The DM3600 is an intelligent digital panel meter that can accept inputs from a wide variety of sensors. The DM3600 is available in two models. The DM3600U is a universal input panel indicator and the DM3600A is a universal input panel indicator with totalizer functions. Alarm relays and 4 to 20 mA outputs can be added by means of plug in "Pods". The use of TFML gives the user the ability to customize the DM3600 to his specific requirements. Many standard programs are available from our website. Custom programs can be written quickly and inexpensively. All functions are programmable from the front panel keys or via the optional RS485 serial port using our M-Config software. The program is easy to use and intuitive having pull-down menus and dialog boxes.
The DM3600A totalizer function enables non-volatile storage of the integrated total to be maintained within the unit, even after loss of power. Output options (4 to 20 mA and Alarm Relays) can be selected to operate on either Process Variable Rate or Total.